Mini Bucket Sewing Kit

Some people have the luxury of their own little sewing room but others stitch when and where they can. If you’re such a person you could probably use a small, carryall sewing kit that can go with you whenever – and wherever – you go. It doesn’t take a large organizer to store common sewing things, like needles, pins, tape measure and buttons. Use a mini bucket and you’ll have a place for everything and a way to take your sewing needs room to room or from your place to someone else’s.

Dollar stores often sell miniature buckets that have lots of different uses. About the size of a cereal bowl – but a little taller – the buckets are perfect for making sewing kits. Choose the size and color of bucket you want then do a couple of add-ons to make the bucket into a sewing kit.

Wrap a piece of felt around the outside of the bucket and glue it in place. Wrap a length of roping, ribbon or lace around the top and bottom edges of the bucket to hide the raw edges of the felt. The felt serves to decorate the bucket as well as provide a place to store pins and needles. Don’t cover the entire bucket with the felt; just cut a wide strip and glue it around the top area, on the outside.

Glue a couple of cardboard rings inside the bucket, a few inches down from the top, and position them side-by-side. The rings can be sections cut from a cardboard tube or can be small cardboard rings from a roll of tape. These can hold everything from scissors to marking pencils.

Make one type of holder for the inside of the bucket by cutting a section from a cardboard tube then gluing or taping a circle to the bottom. Glue these to the inside of the bucket to hold buttons, snaps and similar things. Or, glue small prescription bottles, without lids, to the inside of the bucket. These, also, can hold buttons and snaps, cloth tape measure, thimbles and more.

There are so many things you can do to provide even more storage space inside and outside of the bucket. Cut pockets from old garments and glue the sides and bottoms on the outside of the bucket. Or, glue small bottles or tiny boxes all the way around the outside of the bucket, around the bottom edge. These additional storage places can hold everything from appliques to scraps of fabric to zippers. It’s a handy way to keep your most common sewing supplies all in one place or take them along with you from room to room.