Sewing Craft Ideas for the Month of September

September is sewing month for those of you that did not know September is a great month to sew. The weather is not always nice to be outside so it is a good time to enjoy this great hobby. You can sew many great items in September, but one item you can sew is a bath mitt made for children or adults to use when they are taking a bath. A bath mitt can make cleaning up fun for people of all ages to use when they are washing up.

To make a bath mitt you just need some tread and some terry cloth. You can use an old towel if you do not have any new terry cloth. Just take the terry cloth and cut it into a shape that you like. You can cut it into the shape of a cat, dog, horse or bird. Cut two of the shapes that are alike and sew them together. Remember to leave an openingyou’re your hand to go into the mitt. Then you can embroider eyes, nose and a mouth onto your terry cloth animal bath mitt. The bath mitt is ready to use. It can be washed like a towel since it is made of terry cloth.

Another great sewing project for the month of September is an oven mitt. Oven mitts are great to use for taking hot food out of the oven. When you make your own oven mitt you can make it any shape or size you want. You can start out with some quilted fabric. You can buy some quilted fabric or you can use an old quilt to make an oven mitt.

Cut your quilted material in to two shapes that mirror each other. You can make a dog, cat, star, heart, square, circle or any other shape you want. Sew the pieces together but leave an opening for your hand to go into the oven mitt. Then you can decorate your oven mitt with embroidery, buttons, ribbons or even lace to make your oven mitt pretty.

Oven mitts and bath mitts make great presents for birthdays, Christmas, or any other holiday. They are personal and you can make them in any shape or size you want. Make sure that the mitt you make will fit the hand of the person you are making the mitt for.

September is national sewing month so it is a great time to sew a project.