Sewing Machine Review: Singer 221

The Singer 221 sewing machine is one of Singer’s older models and is no longer being manufactured by the company. Nevertheless, there are still owners who sell these Featherweight models to collectors. Just make sure that if you purchase one, it is still in good running condition as the model is already quite old. Despite Singer’s non-production of the 221 model, parts are still available in the market. There are still plenty of accessories even making it easy for you to maintain its components.

The Singer 221 is beautifully finished, non-crinkle machine and very simple to use making it a very valuable collector’s item. The standard version of the 221 model has a very shiny ebony black finished known as Japan with a scroll design. The face plate is chrome-plated giving it a polished look. It possesses a silver-colored hand wheel with its serial number embedded onto the body. The variant to the 221 model is the one with an AG serial number. The only difference is that you can buy one with black hand wheel instead of silver.

The 221 model is operated manually therefore adjustments on length and width of stitches are manually done, too. It does not have the modern LCD screen that allows you to see your patterns and change them. Threading and bobbin winding is also manually done. So if you have never used a manual machine before, this may appear to be a great challenge to you. But despite its manual operation, the featherweight Singer 221 sewing machine is known to be one of the best so far because of its incredible finish and superb stitching functions. The machine belongs to the featherweight Singer models because it is indeed very light in weight making it portable and easy to carry even during sewing classes or workshops and even while you travel.

The Singer 221 can last for decades as it is made of very durable materials. Like all other Singer-manufactured sewing machines, they are built to last a lifetime. Not only the machinery itself is made durable because of the materials used to sustain strain and constant use but its manual operational parts also last a long time. This allows the machine to function in its most efficient condition even after years of use. The Singer may already be considered a vintage machine and may be sold at a higher price during auctions or you may want to pass this on to your grandchildren as an heirloom. Its design and functionality surely makes the Singer 221 a treasure to be kept over the years.